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Route 13

US Highway 13, commonly known as Route 13, is the major north-south highway on the Eastern Shore. It extends the full length of the Delmarva Peninsula and beyond. During the summer the route is heavily traveled, but congestion isn't usually a problem.

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Route 13Route 13 connects the largest cities on the Eastern Shore and Delmarva, including Wilmington, Dover and Salisbury. It also passes through or near countless small towns and villages.

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Because of haphazard development and related slow-downs on the northern end of Route 13, Delaware built Delaware Route 1 as a faster alternative. It's a limited access toll-road and is definitely the fast way to go from south of Dover to Wilmington. It is also the quick route to the Delaware beaches.

On the southern end of Route 13 is the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. This engineering marvel spans 17 miles across the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and includes two tunnels.

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