Accomac, Virginia

In 1786, Virginia officially established a town at this location called Drummond. Drummondtown was renamed Accomac, Virginia, in 1893.

Here's an interesting album of current and historic Accomac photos.

The Eastern Shore Public Library is located at 23610 Front Street and they have a good collection of local history and genealogy.

The Accomack County administrative offices are in town, as is the Public School administration. The regional Planning District Commission is also here. There's also a bank, gas station, accountants, and a variety of other businesses.

The closest hotel to Accomac is the Days Inn a couple miles south in Onley. The town of Onancock, just a few miles to the west, has a boutique hotel and several bed and breakfasts. Read more about Onancock lodging here. About 15 minutes south on Route 13 there are several more hotels in Exmore, including the Hampton Inn & Suites and Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites.


Accomac Walking Tour

The homes around town are all private residences. You can look from the street, but please don't disturb the occupants. Restrooms are available on the first floor of the County Administration building.

The Green
The center of Accomac is the intersection of Front Street and Courthouse Avenue, which is also the location of the Green. The Romanesque Revival brick Clerk's Office on the side of the Green was built in 1889 and has records dating back to 1663. The cannon on the Green is from the American Revolution.

Old Mercantile Building
23321 Courthouse Avenue, across the street from the Green. Built in 1816, this adaptable building has served many purposes including store, customs office, post office, and bank. The main entrance was originally on the parking lot side.

Debtor's Prison
Across from the county administration building. Built in 1782 as a home for the jailer. Made into a debtor prison in 1824.

Seven Gables
23381 Back Street. Cross Front Street at Courthouse Avenue intersection and you'll be on Cross Street. Walk one block and you're at Back Street. This rambling home was begun in 1788 and had several later additions. The 2-story porch is very nice, and rare on the Shore. The tiny cute building that faces Cross Street was once a doctor's office.

The Haven
23454 Back Street. Turn left on Back and across the tiny creek. Begun in 1794, this home got one addition after another. It now has 6 sections. Remarkable.

Fletcher House
23368 Back Street. Retrace your steps up Back Street. Built in 1816 and 1820, a handsome brick home of fine proportions. Wooden door and window lintels are painted to resemble stone.

Makemie Presbyterian Church
Corner of Cross and Back Streets. The oldest of this denomination on the Eastern Shore; built in 1840. The Roman Revival temple-form church was damaged in the Civil War by Union occupation, but since restored. The octagonal belfry was added in 1889. Named for Francis Makemie, the Father of American Presbyterianism. His statue is behind the church.

Bloodworth Cottage
Corner of Drummondtown Road and Back Street. A wonderful little place built in the early 1800s that never quite grew a "big house" section. Please don't peek in the windows; it's rude.

St James Episcopal Church

Turn right on Drummondtown Road. The Eastern Shore seems to specialize in gem-like little churches, and this is one of the best. Greek Revival style with a Gothic spire. Excellent trompe l'oeil paintings inside. Built in 1838.

Seymour House
23292 Front Street. From Drummondtown Road, turn right on Front Street. A classic example of the distinctive "big house little house colonnade and kitchen" architectural style. Begun in 1791. The little round brick building in the yard is an ice house. Blocks of ice were stored underground between layers of pine needles or sawdust for use in the summer.


Accomac Shops and Restaurants

There is a good place to eat in Accomac, Virginia. Mallards Restaurant on Front Street serves tasty breakfasts and lunches in a nicely renovated cottage. The food is highly recommended ... you get large portions made from quality ingredients. Very casual and only open weekdays.

There's not much in the way of shopping in town. A boat dealer and marine supply store on the northern end of town is about it.


Accomac Virginia Real Estate

There are certainly some beautiful homes in town, as you've seen if you've tried our walking tour. Accomac Virginia is away from the water so it has relatively few bug problems.

All homes and businesses in Accomac have their own wells and septic systems. Have them professionally checked if you're buying a house! A replacement alternative septic system might cost $15,000.

On the seaside, to the east of Accomac, is Folly Creek. This deep creek leads to the seaside marsh, Cedar Island, and through an inlet to the ocean. Also nearby on the seaside are the small subdivisions of Seaview and Henry's Point. They have great views of the barrier islands, but beware the biting flies in the summer.

There are many wonderful places to live on the Eastern Shore, but there are a few pitfalls to avoid too. Be an informed buyer and you'll be a happy buyer. Learn about new developments on our Eastern Shore real estate page.


Directions to Accomac Virginia

From the South
From the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, travel north on US Highway 13 about 50 miles. After you pass through the Town of Onley, you'll go over the only overpass on US 13 in Virginia. At the first stoplight after the overpass, turn right onto Front Street. Continue on Front Street into the center of Accomac.

From the North
From the Virginia-Maryland border, travel south on US Highway 13 about 20 miles. Turn left onto Business Route 13 at the sign for Accomac. Stay on Business Route 13 (Front Street), which will eventually bring you into the center of Accomac Virginia.

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